Physical Therapy Benefits

Many people with physical therapy benefits get them through their employers, though individual plans are also available through Health Insurance Marketplaces established by the Affordable Care Act. Remember, when you buy a plan you and your employer are paying some premium – upfront dollars – that are wasted if you don’t use them.

When to Use Your Benefits by

Many insurance companies have a benefit deadline of December 31, and this means that any of your unused benefits don’t roll over into the New Year for most dental plans. Still, some plans may end at different times of the year, so check your plan document or ask your employer to be sure.

Tips for Making the Most of Your Plan

The key with this type of coverage is to take advantage of any benefits before they expire for the year.

  • Prevention is better than cure both for your health as well as your pocketbook. 

  • Start thinking about using your coverage now while your deductible is met and save money. 

  • Prior to beginning physical therapy, our office will call your insurance company to determine what your benefits include. We will then call you with the details of your insurance plan. 

  • We also have CASH options which are very competitive for this area. Ask us for more details if you are interested. 

Jade T

“I came to PT because I was in a car accident and it caused back and neck pain really bad.  While at pt I had different treatments that help stretch and stop the pain.  They helped me a lot get the pain down and back to normal.  I went bowling while Jenny was still helping me and I bowled a 220 for the first game and I have never been able to do that.  I think that the help[ of the treatments help me to be more aware of my range of motion and great stretches."

Joanne M

“My back pain has decreased a lot.  I can now work all day with little or no back pain while sitting.  I can stand for long periods of time with much less pain.  My neck pain was at a 10 and I was taking muscle relaxers, anti inflammatories and norco pain meds.  I would need to use my hand to move my head and if I looked down I would need to use my hand to lift it and there was a lot of pain.  Now I just take an Advil once in a while.  My pain is at a 1 and I can do most activities with no problems."

Laura D

“I started my PT journey with AccuCare in April 2017 after having a T9-sacrum fusion.  I came to see Jenny and Jessica after being released from a rehabilitation center where I had someone to help me do everything.  Jenny started by helping me understand what my limitations were and what exercises I could do at home so that I could transition to life without live in care.  We spend the next 5 months meeting 3 times a week working on stretching and strengthening exercises.  I went from crying and using a wheelchair and a walker to using a cane and being able to bring myself to my appointments.  The care and compassion these ladies have to their patients is unbelievable! I truly believe I wouldn't be where I am today without their support."


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