Attention Neck Pain Sufferers!

Neck Pain and Headache Workshop Reveals Hot to Naturally Get Rid Of Your Neck Pain and Headaches For Good

30 Seats are Available!

April 11th , 2019

6:00-7:00 PM

1001 E Wilson St.

Suite 100

Batavia, IL 60510

(630) 761-0900






You suffer from headaches or neck pain everyday.

You find yourself turning your shoulders instead of your head because your neck is stiff.  

You experience pain, numbness or tingling into your shoulder, arm or down your hand.

Your head feels heavy on your neck.

"Dr. Jenn is so kind and caring.  She makes sure you understand why you have issues as well as what you can do to get better.  When I came in for my shoulder, she clearly and simply explained the impingement.While working on my shoulder exercises,we had some interesting conversations.  She gave me exercise to do at the gym even after my treatment ended.  I like that she gives back to the community and loves her
profession.  She truly enjoys helping others feel better and is very knowledgeable.  Thanks Jenn! If I ever need physical therapy again, I’ll be sure to come back to see her."
"I came in with limited movement in my neck, through exercise and massage I was able to increase my range of motion in several directions.  Again, I leave with a better understanding of my situation and a strategy to alleviate the
" AccuCare is the best physical therapy that I have been to.  I have been there two times now and would not go to any other place for therapy.  You have all the best staff!." -Dave-

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