Benefits of Stretching

Ever wonder how often or when you should stretch? Well, the answer is it depends.

Research has shown that stretching before sports that involve jumping such as soccer, football, basketball, etc., may prevent some injuries. For these types of sports, tendons need to have enough elasticity to absorb the energy from impact. If a tendon is not elastic enough, the tendon and/or muscle may tear as the energy is absorbed. For sports including running, cycling and swimming, tendons do not need to absorb as much energy and stretching may not provide any additional benefit.

For the average adult who doesn’t play any sports, stretching may provide some benefit to preventing injury. The benefit would be the same as a soccer or football player in that the tendons would be able to absorb energy from a sudden misstep off a curb or a quick leap to avoid an obstacle.

Stretching can be performed during a warm up and cool down period before a sporting event, or any time during the day for the average adult. If you have any additional questions regarding stretching for a particular injury please email or give us a call.

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