How to Prepare for a 5k

Getting ready to run a 5k? Whether you are an avid runner or this is your first time, running a 5k is the perfect amount for anyone. In most cases the people who run often will do this to keep their mile times in check and just to stay fresh for their next big race. The 5k is the perfect amount for a beginner because you can break it up and train for it without spending hours and hours training. You often hear of the program couch to 5k. There are so many ways to make this an easy and obtainable goal for anyone. While getting prepared for a 5k, stretching and proper nutrition is key. You need to fuel your body for what it is about to go through.

Proper stretching as a warm up and stretching as a cool down will be huge in your recovery process. Stretching prior to a run will help prevent most injuries. Stretching post run helps calm down the muscles and stretch out the ones you have used.

Alternating between walking and running to start off is a great way to ease into the workouts. You can start with walking for a minute then running a minute. Do that for a mile the first time you’re out. Next day do the alternating walk and run for a minute for 2 miles. On the third day try it for the three miles. Day four, take off and ride a bike or swim. Day five, walk for 2 minutes and run for 2 minutes. Try this for the first mile. Day six, do the same thing but aim for 2 miles. After you reach the three miles take the next day off and do light cardio or weights. You can adjust the run and walk times but just make sure you are getting the distance in each day. Enjoy your rest days and re fuel for the rest of the week. You will be ready for a 5k in no time.

Feel free to call AccuCare and ask any questions or concerns you may have with this program. We would love to share more tips and tricks to get you through the training. Good luck to all who are training to prepare for a 5k.

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