Transition of a high school athlete to a collegiate athlete

As a high school athlete you get used to a schedule of stretching, pre game, playing then a post game routine. You can go home get a great meal to refuel and rest. As a collegiate athlete you have to be able to balance school work, your social life a busy practice and game schedule, all while maintaining proper nutrition and getting the proper amount of rest.

Being able to manage your time really comes into effect right away when you get to college. The athletic trainer is always available for you as a student athlete.

Your body will be continuing to grow and get used to the physical stresses of everyday and sometimes 2 or 3 times a day practices.

You will need to stay in tune with what your body is telling you. Ice when you need to, seek medical assistance if something doesn’t feel right, and give your body time to catch up with you.

If you happen to get injured while away at school the trainers may give you exercises to do at home to help strengthen the injured area. Don’t disregard what they are trying to help you with. They are exercises the physical therapist would give you to help speed up your recovery and get you back to the court or field sooner.

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